Cha Redefine Ceremonial Grade Matcha


Our Ceremonial Grade Match is our highest grade of matcha from Shizouka, Japan. It is ground from first-harvest tea leaves. The powder is 100% authentic matcha and is ground from hand-picked tea leaves of the green tea shrub. Each leaf of this top-quality tea is specially selected and carefully picked by the farmers’ skilled hands.

The creamy and savory taste of this matcha is matched only by its vibrant green coloring and sweet aroma. The superb enriched the mouth for a while. The aroma is full, but not too strong. The flavor is rich and subtle. The taste is both mellow and enhanced.

This matcha contains high concentration of Chlorophyll (a natural detoxifier/liver -cleaner), L-theanine (improving focus) and enough caffeine per cup to boost your energy without the crash.

Origin: Japan- Shizouka

Caffeine: High

Preparation: 1. sift ½-1 tsp into 2 oz. of water (175 F/80 C)

  1. using a bamboo whisk mixes well for 30 seconds, in a M shape form to create a foamy frothy texture
  2. add another 6 oz. of water

Delicious hot or iced. Enjoy!


Keep in a cool, dry and ventilated place.