Sweet Peach Oolong Tea Leaves


An Xi region is renowned for its high-quality Oolong tea in China. An Xi is also the hometown of the famous tea “Tie Guan Yin”. 

An Xi Oolong tea is between red and green tea. An Xi Oolong is semi-fermented tea and contains a unique natural floral fragrance. The tea is made by the process of withering, greening, killing, simmering and drying of fresh leaves. It has the quality characteristics of black tea and green tea.

This Sweet Peach Oolong mixes An Xi Oolong with real dry peach, and the peach flavor enhances the great taste of the oolong instead of overwhelming it. The perfect tea for a relaxing moment. 

Origin: China

Caffeine: Medium low

Steeping-Hot: 1 tsp – with 300-500ml hot water (210 F) – 3-5 min – enjoy it!

Steeping–Cold: 1 tsp – with 250ml hot water (210 F) – 3-5 min – fill with ice and enjoy it!

Cold brew: 1 tsp – with 300- 500 cold water – keep in refrigerator for 6-12 hours – enjoy it!

Each way is great with fresh milk!

Keep in a cool, dry and ventilated place.